Week Two!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! We enjoyed ours. Our church had a pizza and movie night which we couldn’t stay for because of nap schedules for our little one but we stayed long enough to drool over pizza. We don’t even like LaRosa’s pizza but I have to admit, it looked good. Those things you wouldn’t normally find appetizing look delicious when you’re detoxing but the best thing to help you stay the course is finding healthy things that are delicious to take their place. We brought grain-free pumpkin muffins, sliced granny smith apples and sliced yellow peppers to snack on and boy am I glad. But even better than that some ladies brought a cauliflower-crust pizza they made at home. There’s no reason you can’t participate in fun activities if you just plan ahead a little. Yes sir, there’s no reason to feel sorry for yourself when there are plenty of great options out there! Mindset is key. When you switch your inner dialogue from “I can’t have that” to “I can have it, but I don’t want it” your life will be transformed.

We ate out at Aladdin’s on Saturday and I had a lunch date there on Sunday as well. The great thing is their menu is versatile and diverse enough with Advanced Plan options that it doesn’t really get old. Maybe if you did it every day but once or twice a week is great.

We enjoyed watching the Super Bowl (well at least the first half, then we went to bed, we’re old people with a baby) and I had picked up some cassava (yucca root) chips to make it at least a little fun. They were quite delicious. We also enjoyed our “special treat” drinks as my nephew used to call them (Zevia and LaCroix) and although we were lamenting not having some beers, it really wasn’t that bad. My husband said this about not drinking (which is the hardest part for him): “It’s not a treat if you do it all the time.” Amen.

My son slept two hours on Friday so I actually got to plan a full week of meals! Hooray! Here’s our meal plan for the week. My hubby is not doing Advanced Plan for his lunches but I still make him Core Plan lunches so it’s pretty close.


  • Chris: Zucchini and Jalapeno Quiche
  • Me: Srambled Eggs (SURPRISE!)


  • Chris: Asian Meatballs (from Well Fed 2) atop Quinoa
  • Me: Salad with Avocado or Tuna on Cucumber



  • Grapefruit
  • Pistachios
  • Granny Smith Apples with Almond Butter

I was even able to get EVERYTHING on my shopping list at Kroger and stay 95% organic too! Now THAT makes me happy.


Dirty Chai Tea

One more discovery this week. I haven’t really been loving my coffee without honey. I’ve been using erythritol as a sweetener but it has a lingering aftertaste. My husband found a great discovery though and he’s been making his own dirty chai tea. We just steep some organic chai tea and add a splash of coffee and pastured cream and it doesn’t even need sweetener. Delish! I think the brand of chai tea, Zhena’s Coconut Chai, makes the difference. Also at Kroger. Score.

In other news, I barely got my surge in this morning before my son woke up but I’m pressing on. Those one-minute planks sure get tough. One week down, a lifetime to go. Happy Monday everyone!





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