Week Three: More Recipes!

So it’s really almost halfway into week three (sorry!) but here’s what’s been going on in my food world.


Last week I made a batch of pecan shortbread cookies that we devoured in two days. Thank goodness they were full of grass-fed butter and healthy protein (nuts). They were truly delicious. So rich, so crumbly. Great with coffee. I used three tablespoons of erythritol instead of stevia, FYI.


IMG_3167Saturday I made two batches of grainless pumpkin muffins (one with coconut oil instead of butter for my dairy-allergic friends), biscuits (sans the sweetener, I like savory biscuits) and sausage which I then turned into egg sandwiches on Sunday.

We ate at Brio’s Tuscan Grille Saturday night and had steaks with veggies on Saturday. Um yum. That sure didn’t feel like dieting! Sunday we had a family dinner (mediterranean which is always easy to eat and stay Advanced Plan friendly) for my sister-in-law’s birthday. They had Paleo Primal Sweets treats for dessert which were sure hard to resist but it was a good feeling saying no… at least it felt good later when we weren’t looking at that buckeye cake!

But today we cheated a bit. We went to the Cincinnati Museum Center to see the Art of the Brick exhibit (which was great) and then went to lunch afterwards. We had wings and a salad. It wasn’t a donut but the sauce on the wings was definitely sweetened with sugar (or worse!). It made me think about how easy it is to fall into the mentality that once you “cheat” you might as well keep cheating. But EVERY meal, every bite, makes a difference. That very next thing you eat can set off a positive chain reaction and get you going in the right direction again. So don’t give up! Even if you temporarily gave in, you can start over in a mere few hours at your next meal.

Tonight I made buffalo chicken wraps for dinner. So easy. So good. I had decided just to get a whole chicken and make some bone broth and then use the meat for the wraps. They turned out so delicious! They would definitely make an amazing appetizer for a party. We used the coconut wraps and they were very tasty. I ordered them last week from Vitacost in case you were wondering. The miracle of meal planning in advance means you can order hard-to-find items ahead of time. (Pat on the back for me!)

Once we eat those leftovers up I’m planning on making a loaded cauliflower chicken bake. It must be comfort food week!

Also, my new snack is organic coconut flakes. Mmm. They’re very satisfying and cost effective for a quick, good-for-you-fatty snack.

I got my workouts in last week. This week will be a bit more challenging because my schedule is all off and I have more appointments. But I’m determined to get them done. I hope you had a great Presidents’ Day. Happy Advanced Planning!



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